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Local SEO Successful Tips To Grow Your ROI

Posted by Raquel
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As there are large number of users those who work for local SEO agencies which involves the tracking and reporting the value of the entrepreneurs running a small business. There are large number of clients those who deliver the reports from their prior SEO Company to their respective resources who are handling their local SEO part to boost up their business. Most of the clients express that they don’t have any idea that what they are getting for their money.

Some of the most common complaints that are made by the clients are listed below:

· Too much use of marketing lingo (“Bounce Rate,” “CTR,” etc.)
· Way too much data
· No representation of what impact the work done had on the business itself

If a person pays you something then in return he expects the satisfactory services. So, some of the successful tips that one needs to follow to serve the customers in the best way are provided below. Just have a look!

Stop Sending Automated Google Analytics Report

The sending of simple analytics report each month will not satisfy the customers as they are investing much to get the best services in return. As we all are familiar with the fact that Google Analytics is a most powerful tool but it only looks good to you as you are a marketer. The average SMB will not be able to understand those reports and will not be able to figure out that you are doing a great job at SEO.

Make conversion the main focus of your report

At present, the entrepreneurs don’t care about how you have increased the ranking of their tracked keywords on the search engine. What they actually care about is the additional business that is generated for them. So, try to focus on it.

Dynamic number insertion must be used to track calls

This is one of the most important factor at present and if you are not doing this then you are actually spoiling your ability to show value. The most commonly used tool is the Call Tracking Metrics but Call Rail is another one that works well too. Using these tools, one will be able to clearly judge the sources of incoming calls. One of the great advantage is that one can set up these calls as a goals in Google Analytics. Using this report, one will be able to know which are the pages were more responsible for getting a call.

Estimate Revenue

You can have the idea of the estimated revenue using the simple formula that is listed below:

Formula: Lifetime Value of a Customer x Closing Ratio (%) x Number of Conversions = Estimated Revenue

It is essential to calculate it as through this you will be able to get the idea about the number of conversions being made.

Maintain the record of the screenshots and don’t show a ranking tracker

Ranking tracker is a great tool to be used. Most of the people spend most of the time every week looking at the report of their clients. But this is most widely used by the marketers but not business owners. So, it’s better to maintain the monthly report rather than sending the reports on monthly basis.

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