Email Marketing

Running a successful business comes with the overwhelming task of keeping touch with customers and clients, informing them about timely updates, contacting prospective audiences and getting referrals for trust building. Here is when Digital Halt, leading digital marketing company in India, comes in with its innovative Email Marketing campaigns to help you achieve all of it and much more. Our profoundly successful approach in email advertising are helping businesses reach existing customers, proposed clients, referral accomplices, and merchants all at once. We follow unmistakably successful techniques with the best ROI on email marketing ever!

Make Cost Effective Email Marketing The Soul Of Your Business Growth

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Our Best Services

High Return On Investment

Fabricate your associations with prospective clients through direct email interaction and build transformational rates much faster. It allows you to shape relationships while maintaining client esteem through a lifecycle of referrals, verbal showcasing, and easy prospects through direct clicks and emails linking back to your products/website/services.

Hand Crafted Email Formats

What brings in a touch of connection, reliability, and familiarity is our hand crafted email formats that are especially designed keeping in mind your industry requirements, your audience’s eye for details and what can attract them to stay, as well as market competition. These emails are sent with a focus on your business products and services.

Attractive Content & Graphics

Innovative and original content goes a long way when it comes to making the most of your email marketing campaigns. Our proficient copywriters, editors, progressive designers and creative heads give your emails a quality that is hard to ignore. With interesting, ‘hard not to click’ kind of subject lines, you will get the best click on rates.

Website Traffic Enhancement

We design campaigns that drive traffic to your website as well as make your prospective customers and clients stay. We do not believe in making results that do not benefit you. We engage the best of minds to help you get returns that matter, customers that are loyal to you! For us, it is not just about increased website traffic, but overall growth.

What You Get With Digital Halt SEO Services

  • Custom Email Layouts with Proven Success Rate
  • Full Support to Help you Improve your Email List
  • Cutting Edge Content and Graphics with Website Link
  • Fully Transparent Email Tracking and Result Analytics
  • Detail Customer Insights- What Works and What Does Not
  • Improvement Plans based on Industry and Competition
  • Brand Image Building and Relaunch through Email Campaigns
  • Custom Giveaways and Challenges for Improved Client Engagement
  • Split Testing Subject Headlines, Content Strategy, Email Timings etc.
  • Client Maintenance Emails, Advertising Emails, Win-back Emails

Regardless of whether you need some or all of these services, or want to add more custom based email marketing services to your package, Digital Halt is open for customizing an email campaign plan that suits your business needs. Get in touch with us for more information!