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Social media marketing is the most popular platform of marketing these days. Statistically approx 3.6 billion people are active on social media around the world and this generation is the most comfortable generation because technology has made life easier then before. Social media marketing is the use of promoting products, services or businesses with different strategies and platforms such as “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc”.

Below is the numbers of population in graph on different social media platforms.

Benefits of social media marketing (SMM)

  • Product promotions and awareness to audiences : In order to promote products more quickly and to the right set of audience, social media marketing these days is the most preferable method. Because it’s not only profitable for businesses but also clients can easily access the information from anywhere just in one or two clicks on advertisements.
  • Connections : Through social media platforms now building connections with clients and business partners are easier according to algorithms of each platform.
  • Feedback : Client feedback is very necessary to provide best services accordingly as per the clients requirement and best interest. Every social media platform has this feedback feature.

Social Media Marketing

Most popular social media platforms.

There are many popular social media platforms but we can’t discuss all of it. Therefore we will discuss the top 4 as follows.


Nearly 2 billion users are available on facebook worldwide and facebook has changed a lot over the decades according to users demands. Through Facebook humans can connect with other people anywhere in the world just through technology. Facebook provides a vast number of services such as messaging, video calls, Audio calls, Marketplace “Purchase and sale feature”, etc. Accordingly Facebook is used for brand promotions, connecting with friends or family, awareness, videos, blogs, perhaps Faceboks marketing is really effective for promoting businesses and products on social media.


One of the most used apps by billions of people, furthermore the app is designed for photos, videos, reels, stories, hashtags, messages, filters features. Instagram also has advertisements and business accounts feature, so that users can also use it professionally. All sorts of people are attracted to Instagram interface and features, since it has business account features also, so anyone can create an account free of cost and start promoting business, products etc. Following and follower algorithms connect one person to another worldwide just on fingertips, the social media market totally depends on the number of users or audience we are targeting according to algorithms. Approx one billion people are active on Instagram accounts, so social media marketing is the most beneficial strategy on instagram.


It’s one the top social media platforms which is popular worldwide with approximately 2 billions users. YouTube is operated by Google’s subsidiaries and it allows to create videos contents, View Videos, share, playlist & so on. YouTube is majorly used for social media marketing to promote brands and products in short or complete video content. Many bloggers are earning from YouTube only by just creating unique video contents and once it goes viral, they get popular accordingly.


There are a variety of things in the business to think over and apply! As a business owner, it is rather hard to cover all ideas and practices that are quite beneficial. Digital Halt helps you at those points where you lack. That will prove the icing on the cake in your business as those are done by none other than our most experienced experts.

Social Media Marketing

Unregistered users also can watch video but they can't upload videos, YouTube provides free subscriptions to users. YouTube majorly earns from advertising revenue, which works according to algorithms and reaches to selective audiences based on the nature of searches, trends, locations, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check some FAQs below

Social media marketing algorithms are designed according to users and audiences, it can be Age, Food, Travel, Hobbies and many more filters would be available, while choosing targeting audience on social media platforms. Now it totally depends on the products or strategy of marketing to promote it on right platforms.

Definitely it is worth promoting business on social media because one can get different kinds of filters and services to reach the right set of audience to promote products and business as per the designed algorithms.

Social media marketing is a game of developing networks and increasing followers through running campaigns on different channels. Lot of effort is required to keep clients attracted and interested in products we are promoting such as unique contents, consistency, fast responses to clients, and feedback.

Strategies vary on each social media platform according to contents, interference and users.

If unpaid strategies aren't helping to get new clients or old clients queries. Therefore paid marketing will help to boost advertisement and reach to more audiences.