6 SEO Myths that You Should Be Aware Of

6 SEO Myths that You Should Be Aware Of
Posted by Rahul Singh
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When we talk about the modern age of digital marketing, no conversation can begin without mentioning Search Engine Optimization. Some marketers obsess about implementing SEO in their blogs and websites to garner greater traffic. Little do many know that following the possible SEO myths is ruining their favourable marketing strategies!

Yes, you heard it right! People know about search engine optimization but often fail to gather knowledge about the right strategies. Often they get involved in the nexus of SEO myths and down goes their business ventures. Averting any kind of SEO mistake is mandatory if digital marketing needs to be successful.

Some SEO Myths that you might have come across While Formulating Your SEO Strategy

Are you reeling from the SEO rumours bothering your strategies? Following are a few SEO myths that got busted and can help you eliminate the hindrances;

  • SEO is nothing but a scam

One of the biggest myths surrounding SEO is that SEO consultants charge exorbitant amount as fees for doing nothing, and might open doors for your website’s degradation. Such myths started taking rounds owing to the unholy practices of certain SEO firms that seek humongous profits by tricking the ambitious business population. Drawing conclusions based on such unethical SEO companies to consider SEO useless is a wrong decision.
  • Reform your website depending on the algorithmic changes  made by Google

Another substantial myth which goes around the marketing society is that a business has to make immediate changes to its website whenever Google makes any changes to the algorithm. Debunk such myth as the reality states that every search engine works towards reforming its algorithm to facilitate better search.

Google tries around 500 such changes every year. Nevertheless, the focus should lie on the major algorithmic changes and not every one of them.

  • A simple Google optimization for your site ends the job

Numerous marketers suffer from the myth that optimizing their site according to Google standards does it for the rest of the search engines. Well, the reality is other search engines exist, which can determine the fate of your business. Presumably, Google dominates around 60% of the total searches, but even Bing is on the rise.

Bing has a different algorithm that does not work like Google. Ignoring such a fast-growing search engine might be a foolish mistake.

  • Unless you are into e-commerce, focusing on HTTPS isn’t necessary

Here’s another myth that startles SEO experts! Some people claim that only e-commerce marketers must focus on HTTPS and the rest can chill. Well, that might not be true!

The myth got busted back in 2017 when encrypted internet traffic won over unencrypted traffic in terms of its average volume across the globe. In addition, Google issued a clear statement that emphasized giving a preference to the sites having an HTTPS prefix.

Source – Business News Daily

The added benefits of integrity, confidentiality and identity are to consider as well.

  • Having good content is everything

Some marketers lay their prime focus on curating mind-blowing content and consider SEO to be a useless tool for implementation. That’s where they go wrong! What is the use of having perfectly written content if it’s not visible among the web traffic?

So you must ensure that you use the right keywords and that your website gets optimized at regular intervals. Such initiatives will truly make your content the real king!

  • The hosting location must be within the country you wish to target

In the age of global interconnectedness, where the world is becoming a global village due to internet connection, such a brewing myth sounds hilarious. There is no specific need to belong to the country you wish to target, though many marketers consider it an advantage.

Google does the job for you as it ensures that your website gets the right country version to reach the target country of your choice. Such an act validates that Google always holds quality content higher than the content with location advantage.

Final Thoughts

Above are just a few of the SEO myths that go around. It would be better to conduct research in the right direction to ensure that such myths don’t hinder your progress!

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