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Double Your Web Traffic With These Latest SEO Techniques

Posted by Raquel
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SEO is important if you want to increase the traffic on your website and to promote your brand. There are a large number of people who are using some of the techniques so as to get the maximum results possible. If you want to stay at the top then it requires a lot of research and experimentation. Also, it is essential to stay updated as Google’s algorithm are changed time to time.

There are some of the latest techniques that will help you to increase your search traffic. Some of them are listed below. So, just have a look!

1)      It is required for you to complete an SEO Audit on your website.

The key steps that you need to look for during the time of the audit are:

Check 1: Check out if all the pages of your website have meta titles and descriptions.

Check 2: Your website must contain the SEO keywords that you are targeting.

Check 3: Note whether URL structure is optimized for search engines. Your URLs must be short and simple.

Check 4: The format of your blog must be proper. Proper here means:

  •         2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  •         Must contain H1 and H2 tags.
  •         Important points should be hold.
  •         Call to action should be optimized.

Check 5: Images present in your website must have keywords that you are targeting in ALT tags.

Check 6: Use of links in your content is very important.

2)      Learn what your users want from you.

To attract more and more users to your website it is essential for you to focus on what your users are looking for. Some of the key steps to find out this thing are:

  •         Social media platforms like Quora will help you in a great way.
  •         Google Analytics will help you in finding out the most popular pages of your website.
  •         Have a look on the posts that get the most shares.
  •         Check out the comments of the visitors on your blog posts.

3)      Create the landing pages through optimizing them from SEO point of view.

While designing the landing pages, there are some key elements that you need to keep in mind, some of them are mentioned below:

  •         No navigation required
  •         Content should be useful and informative.
  •         A call to action is important.

Note: Landing pages can generate a lot of income.

4)      Your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

There are around 60% of daily searches that are performed using the mobile device. And for the e-commerce business, it is very much essential that your mobile should be mobile friendly. In the United States, around 45% of the entire e-commerce sale is complete via mobile. Its standard, if your website looks good on mobile.

5)      Increase more traffic to your website with Infographics.

Infographics helps you to display complex information in an easy manner. The text articles just seem interesting. There are around 65% of the people who are visual learners. If your infographics is amazing then it will help you to increase your website traffic by 193%. Also, you can generate around 60,000 search visitors to your web page through infographics. Here, you can find out how.

Check 1: Get your stats.

Check 2: Create the infographics.

Check 3: The blog post you are going to write will be based on your infographics.

Check 4: You need to submit the infographics to the directories.

6)      You need to check the content for RankBrain.

RankBrain determines that you want the first option based on thousands of other web searches that are performed by the users looking for the same term. It also tells Google’s spiders of how to index your content more easily on the basis of intent in it. But these days, it is suggested to you not to stuff the keywords into your content. It is not considered by the Google and will not result you great.

7)      Maintain the word limit of at least 1,890 words.

As per the study, it has been observed that the average first-page search result was 1,890 words. Content length plays a vital role but it is not everything as a shorter blog that is higher in quality will still be considered better with that compared to the low-quality blog post.

8)      A roundup post will be considered as best.

Are you familiar with what a roundup post is? If no, then check it out here. A roundup post is when you interview a group of people on a similar topic or when you make a list of “best” of something or other. Through this you will have different viewpoints of the users and also you will get to learn new things too. Now, you will be thinking of how to create a roundup post that will help you to grow the traffic easily on your website. Then, it is an easy task. Have a look below!

Check 1: Search for an interesting topic and some questions to ask your experts.

Check 2: Choose the experts and contact them.

Check 3: Now, you will have the responses of the experts, then write and publish the post. Also, link back your blog/ article to everyone featured. You can also ask the experts to share your post with the audience.

9)      Social media is a great platform; post your valuable content there.

As your website is new so it will have low Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and it will result into the ranking of your content i.e. your new blog will not be able to rank on Google easily. So, a social media platform helps you to gain more traffic to your website. There are some tools and software that is available online for free with the help of you will be able to check the Page Authority and Domain Authority for each search result. If PA is high then it is more likely to rank well. There are several factors that results into this and some of them are listed below:

  •         Length of the content
  •         Links in your content
  •         Keywords
  •         Readability

But the user must note that all the social media platforms are not equal as they don’t result into building authority and getting traffic to your website equally. The most widely used social media platforms are Slideshare, Quora, Blogger, Docstoc, and much more.

10)  Use of advanced SEO internal deep linking is beneficial.

Deep linking is the technique of using anchor text so as to link it to the other pages in your blog. This encourages Google to index the pages of your website. So, it is essential for you to properly link up your content to each other as this will help the Google spider to have a look to your content in an organized way. Also, SEO value for those internal pages is improved. To have a look to the inbound links that are going to your homepage, you can follow the simple steps provided below:

Check 1: Visit the OpenSiteExplorer of Moz and enter the URL into the search box available on the screen and then press on “Search”.

Check 2: In the left hand side menu, press on “Top Pages”.

Check 3: Have a look at the number of inbound links for your homepage that is displayed.

11)  Link Juice should be passed to the lower ranked pages.

Link juice are the outbound links that are passed from the high authority sources to your blog. Let’s take an example; if you have the pages that are ranked on second or third page of Google search results, then if you will pass the link juice to those pages then it will help them to move to the first page. As you are passing the links from the high authority websites to your content, so Google will think that your content is of high quality too. Step to pass the link juice are mentioned below:

Step 1: Update the earlier post by adding new links and recent data.

Step 2: Share that post across the social media again after updating.

Step 3: After that link that post to your newer posts.

12)  External sites can also be linked with high domain authority.

This helps to promote the overall trustworthiness in Google eyes when you link your content to high authority websites. There are many of the websites available online that helps you to get those links with ease. Approach those websites and ask them to get a link back. There are chances that they might not link back to you but it takes minutes to send an email and take a chance.

13)  Scan out for the dead links available on Wikipedia and claim them as your own.

This technique is most powerful for generating the high authority links to your content and is most widely used by the marketers. Google can help you out to find the dead links on Wikipedia. There are generally two types of links that you can easily get from Wikipedia and they are as follows:

Citation Required: This is something where someone edits an article on Wikipedia that mentioned a statistic without linking to a source.

Dead Link: This is a source that is previously linked to some content but somehow those websites doesn’t exist anymore.

14)  Target your competitors SEO keywords.

Researching your competitors SEO keywords is a smart move. It requires your little time but will result you in something great or we can say some great new strategies that you can try it out for amazing results. So, little research doesn’t cost anything. There are some tools available online that will help you to get the idea about the researches on a particular keyword.

Keywords in SEO page title: You can also use those multiple keywords in SEO page title that will be shown up in the Google search results. But it is suggested not to use spam trigger words that instantly make Google think that your content is not up to that level.

15)  On-page SEO can involve the use of AdWords copy.

You can have the ideas of the keywords from the Google Adwords search ads. These ads are short and are already optimized for your competitors target keywords. You are required to search for the keywords you want to rank for with Digital


A blog is a powerful brand marketing tool. Through which you will be able to promote all your brand online to your audience so as to increase more traffic to your website. These are considered as fifth most trusted source that serves the customers with trusted information. The above mentioned best SEO techniques may not be easy to implement in general and will require a lots of effort. But SEO success is all about providing the customers with useful and relevant content.

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