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What is influencer marketing? | Digital Halt

The main problem with digital marketing is that a person will not be able to understand it all. The point where he or she will think that they have covered all the bases then at the other point some important concept may arise that will prove you wrong. Influencer marketing is similar to contemporary digital marketing. There are various questions that might be coming to your mind and some of them are what is influencer marketing? Why it is essential? How you will be able to develop your influencer marketing strategy? The answer to all these questions are listed below. Just have a look!


What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a style of marketing your brand to niche audiences via people who are considered as subject matters expert. It is especially used to get positive response related to your brand or product. The cheap internet marketing company also uses this kind of marketing features to promote their brand or product.




This kind of marketing has some basic principles. Instead of directly sending the marketing messages to the target audience, one needs to pay the money to the influencer to do the same. It is the marketing that maximizes the perception of content marketing, social media marketing, and word of mouth that will all results in the digital marketing campaigns.


But it is essential for all to understand the difference between the influencer marketing and word to mouth marketing.


How influencer marketing and word to mouth marketing are different from each other?

Both these terms are used by most of the digital marketing educators but they are not same. All the efforts that are made to search for an influencer to broadcast your brand through different forms is called as influencer marketing.


How influencer marketing and word to mouth marketing are different from each other?


The different forms that are used are given below:


  • Sharing on social media: This is called as the digital version of word of mouth marketing.
  • When your product and services are mentioned in the keyword speech: This is called as broadcast version of word of mouth marketing.
  • Highlighting your brand through magazines and newspapers: This is known as the textual version of the word of mouth marketing.
  • Verbally giving personal references to the people to check your blog: This is the word of mouth marketing as you are conveying it through words.


Why influencers for your brand is essential?

Most of the people out there have the question in their mind that why influencers are required for their business but they are not able to clear out this why? So, here few examples will help you to clear them up easily.


Why influencers marketing for your brand is essential?


Many of the best digital firms are also using the same tactics to grow up their business smoothly.


  • Mostly the influencers are spread across several segments.
  • The influencer that is having millions of followers have the great power to bring up high traffic to your business.
  • Most of the customers out there believe the trusted source instead of the marketing messages.
  • It is quite difficult to handle all the campaigns of the niches at the same time.


Main Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

To implement a successful influencer marketing one need to follow these essential components that are listed below.


Clear Campaign Goals

Set your goal that you want to achieve via the campaign you are running such as:

  • 7000 subscribers for your blog’s Facebook page within 3 months.
  • 1500 registrations at your e-store within 2 months
  • Regular 4000 visits on your page for a blog post



This covers the information related to:

  • How you will reach the influencer that is more helpful to you?
  • What exactly the platforms that are used by you to search a great influencer?
  • What are the prepositions you are using to get the influencer?


Influencer Identification

The key skills that your target influencer must be having are listed below:

  • More than 1 million followers on twitter
  • The platforms on which the influencer is active like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, vine, etc.


Characteristics of Influencer that are must for your business

It is must for you to understand the characteristics of the influencer so that you will be able to target them into different right brackets that are appropriate.


  • Niche: Always try to search for the person who is regularly active in 3 or more related niches.
  • Personality Type: It is required to match the personality of the influencer with the right targeted audience.
  • Type of reach: Examine whether the person is able to fulfil all your desires which you exactly want from him or her such as social media followers, blog subscribers, product sales, website visits, etc.
  • Topics: Through this, one will be able to understand the influencer’s interest and with the help of this you can create the same sort of content to reach him or her.


A big question arises – How to find the influencer of your choice?

It’s damn sure that a large number of people are going to do so and are now thinking of the next step. So, the next step is to find the influencer of your choice.


find the influencer of your choice


There are some tools that you can use for free and are inexpensive to easily sort the list of the influencers that are relevant to your blog stories, your target audience, and your desired marketing outcomes.



While searching the one you just need to type the relevant keyword in the LinkedIn search box and then you will be able to find a large number of connections. Choose the one from them that have the capability to handle your campaigns. You can also link your post with the one they have shared to get better results.



BuzzSumo is very simple to reach and keeps you ahead of others. One can simply use the relevant keyword and then you will have the list of influencers that are active in the same field. Now, you can filter the list as per your requirements.


Google Alerts

  • Visit the Google web page.
  • Create the alert of your interested keyword.
  • Now, you get the email on your mail id as soon as the Google finds the one that is matching your interested keywords.


More other places where you can visit and get the influencer of your choice.

  • Blogger Outreach
  • FollowerWonk
  • Klout
  • PeerIndex
  • Kred
  • NinjaOutreach


And that’s all about the essentials of influencer marketing. It is the type of marketing strategy with great potential and not all the bloggers are doing it. After trying it out consider how it will quickly result you in lot of page views, blog subscriptions, and a lot of social traction, etc. If you have not done influencer marketing earlier then you can try it out now!



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