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The 7 most mandatary ways to make your content more mobile friendly - Digital Halt

Optimizing our content for mobile users and making it user-friendly is quite a challenging work for most of the content writers like me.  According to the current trend, it has been found that day by day we are all getting mobile glued and almost each one of us feels comfortable to open websites and access internet via mobile rather than laptop or desktop anymore.  In fact, a recent study has shown that 71% of all online time is currently spent on smartphones. The same old study revealed that about 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase in the smartphone in the last six months. Now, this digitalhalt.com can easily calculate that in the future each and everything is going to be based on mobile application.

Now according to marketing pundits and after hours of research done worldwide here are seven of the best ways to make your content more mobile friendly for users.

  • For a mobile-friendly content you need to optimize them specifically for mobile use.  It means that the blog page on your website, the landing pages and anything related to it must be well visualized via mobile.
  • Usage of single column template best suites the purpose of mobile viewing as the screen is very much short for reading and only single column template helps easy reading and understanding.
  • Getting integrated imaging is one of the most important aspects of mobile-friendly content as visualization is one of the most integral parts of reading contents for mobile readers.
  • You must have the vision to think through your mobile user experience as anything that is not soothing to the eyes of the user it would not get the opportunity to cast a lasting impression on the mobile users.
  • It is very much easier to get on the podcast so that people going through the content can easily connect with your work.
  • Headlines are more important than anything else.  The more headlines the content has the more chances of likes as mobile users find it boring and not interested in every time scrawl down.
  • Last but not least; if you want to be mobile you need to be on the mobile application that is mostly in relation to social media to higher the chances of your mobile friendliness.

Hope these tips come in handy.

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