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Google Core Updates 2020 You Must Know About with Digitalhalt

Google Core Updates 2020 You Must Know About

Do you notice that some of your websites’ pages appear at the top of the search results even though you worked less on them, and some don’t yet appear even after you worked so much? This is because Google is releasing new or more updates to reward quality works. Indeed, Google is being inclined towards searcher’s beneficial factors. Precisely, it is on a mission to deliver the most relevant and authoritative content to the visitors.

google core update may 2020
Google basically keeps adding new updates in its previous changes. Some minor changes are not noticeable but some broader changes are. So, if you are wondering what are the latest Google core updates 2020, go ahead and read this article.

Reevaluating Content

We as Digitalhalt team find out out that Google is rewarding the quality, error-free, user-oriented, and explicitly defined website content. However, there is nothing in it that affects pre-existing site ranking. But this update may reward the pages or websites that meet quality but still under-rewarded. Let’s understand with an example: Suppose there are top 10 highest-grossing movie lists in 2018, and till the period of 2020, if some movies are added in the list, Google prefers showing updated movie lists in the top search results instead of the previous one.  


There must be relevancy in heading, subtitle, and rest of the content. Ex. If you are writing a blog with multiple subheadings, the focus point on what is being written about must be clear in there. Google may reward site owners for content relevancy.

Site Identity

The site owners must include complete descriptions of their website, which means what information or services you are offering through your site must be clear and precise. Google prefers improving the ranking of such content over non-relevant.

Site Recovering 

If the website is impacted due to changes/improvements as per Google updates, it is not confirmed how long will that website take to recover the same ranking. There is also no guarantee of recovery if the site owner does improvement/changes in their websites. However, If their website content is well-deserving, the chances are more to get a significant rank again.         

No More Ads

Google promotes sites which have fewer ads, which means site owners must not show more number of ads. Precisely, Google notices the visitors’ staying at your website. if there is less bounce rate, fewer ads, and page appearance is good, it is going to promote your site.  

Mobile-Friendly Website & Loading Speed

Your website must be mobile-friendly and have the best loading speed. More than 70% of users use mobile to search their queries. In such a scenario, Google promotes sites that are mobile-friendly and have reduced loading speed.

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