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Easily promote a restaurant business using Local SEO in 2017 - Digital Halt

Local SEO  is a highly effective form of local marketing that is done online. It allows the people to promote their local businesses services to local customers at exactly the time they’re searching for your type of business. It uses search engines like Google and business directories like Yelp, Superpages, Qype, & TouchLocal. Here below some simple steps are listed below to promote a business using this type of SEO in 2017. Just have a look!


1) User-Friendly Meta Description


Meta Description


Always try to make the user friendly meta description as it helps to create an impression. It is the short teaser text that Google shows with all its search results. Most of the people out there who are using the internet and are searching anything give a quick look to the meta description and make the decision whether to continue or to leave and particularly it happens when the page is not among the top three results. The key components that should be kept in mind to write a good meta description are provided below.


  • It must be 155-160 characters long.
  • Always try to use the most critical words in the first half.
  • Use the keyword twice but it should not look like keyword stuffing.
  • Must create a good impression.


2.) Relevant Keyword


Relevant Keyword


Relevant keyword plays a vital role to promote your business as through it one can target consumers that searches for the things you are providing on search engines like Google. Also, there is one more trick to rank on the search engines and that is look on the Google top 10 search results, the words and phrases that are being used by them. And try to use the Google suggested search phrases and weave them into keywords.


3.) Rich Snippets or Rich Cards


Rich Snippets


Always try to have rich snippet engagement with the customers. The rich snippet consists of the contact information of the restaurant, user ratings, image of the head chef, etc. Through this users are attracted towards your website and this will results in increase in traffic on your web page. These can be enabled through the use of SCHEMA. All the most widely used and well known search engines uses this schema tag and hence one can get great results.


4.) Attractive Title Tag


Title Tag


The title tag is among the top three important elements of on-page SEO. A good title always attracts the reader so invest your time into it as it creates a good impression. And also make sure that the main focus keyword must be used in the title at the earliest. This tag is considered very much important while calculating your web page ranking.


5.) Optimize your Images


Optimized your Images


Images are the main integral part while doing restaurant’s digital marketing. Aspects of Alt tags for your images must be given special importance.  As it makes the images more relevant for search results. One can do it via HTML also.


6.) Local Link Building


Local Link Building


Now, when you are done with on page SEO, and little bit of off page SEO then it comes up the turn for highly localized off page SEO using the different channels that are listed below.


    • Local Newspapers or Magazines: Try to get some coverage in a local magazines with some good reviews. Once you get it, create a blog post and share it on your social profiles.
    • Local Events or Carnivals: In a big city, there are more chances of routine city festivals. Always try to watch out for such events, and target getting one or two.



7.) Create a business page on Google+


Create a business page on Google+


Google+ is one of the most used channel in digital marketing and local SEO. Firstly, get a google+ business page. Verify that you actually are the owner for the restaurant. The verification can be done by the verification code sent to you on your mobile phone or a unique postcode sent to you through email.


8.) Google+ profile page images


Google+ profile page images


Always choose an attractive and buzzing images to use. Showcase some important images of your food, rush on your restaurant at peak hours, waiters serving drink, etc.


9.) Brand page on Google+


Brand page on Google+


Always try to fill out your profile page with diligence and don’t forget to fill the most important spaces that you can’t afford to leave blank. Some of those spaces are listed below. Have a look!


  • Name of the business
  • Official website
  • Address of the restaurant
  • Phone number
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Category
  • Photos
  • Menu


And must register your restaurant with reservation platforms and use those links on your google+ page.


Local SEO for your restaurant business is not a big bang that you can do for a week and enjoy the services for the rest of your lifetime. But you have to make continuous efforts so that you can enjoy the ripple effects of the traffic and the visits on your restaurant.


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