The New Platform for Checking Mobile Site Speed

Posted by Raquel
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The mobile site is a go-to go thing for e-commerce. People prefer window shopping on mobile sites rather than desktop sites. If companies have slow sites, it is one of the biggest turn-offs for consumers. If we talk about retail, then the one-second delay in page loading time reduces traffic up to 20%. This issue can leave a bad and wrong impression of the site and will cost you customers and sales as well. How can you know whether your mobile site is fast? This is where the revised Test My Site Tool will help you.   

The site speed testing tool is able to understand the performance of your mobile site and fixes bugs although customised fixation is also possible, it is the best checking tool by far. If you do not want to lose customers, then it is essential you know about the speed of your mobile site. Customers love fast pages because they scroll all the time, by chance, any page takes time to load, it takes a fraction of seconds for consumers to change their mindset.

Test My Site Tool – How does it Work?

People can use this tool to get accurate information about the page loading time of the websites. Mobile friendly websites are requested to run a check so that you don’t lose anything, neither customers nor sales. So, the test my site tool is used for the following purposes.

  • Check your mobile site speed: It measures the speed of your entire mobile site along with the other individual pages.
  • Follow the growth of the site: If you want to know about the trending scenario, then this tester is the best in the market.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Check how your mobile site is working against its rival sites.

The impact of the speed is directly showered upon the business because mobile sites have the potential to get the maximum number of customers in today’s digital era.   

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