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Must Know Changes in Recent Google Ads Rollout: Have A Look!

Must Know Changes Coming to Google AdWords
Posted by Raquel
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Google AdWords Campaigns is one of the oldest and best practice to promote a business or brand online. Every year, more ad types and features are released and this year is no different. Google continues to emphasize mobile first as the paid ads need to adapt to the mobile world first. Recently, the Google has made a declaration for the interesting changes to AdWords that PPC marketers must be aware about. Here below the latest trendy changes are provided that one must be aware about to grow up their business.

New search ads will appear on Google maps

Google Maps will now be a part of Google Search Network that will allow the ads to be displayed for the local business. These ads will now appear on the Google Maps i.e. on both the versions – app version and web version so that the ads and logos will be better highlighted. By realizing the importance of mobile world Google has found another way to make more money through easy ways. All these things will come with new ads formats and the people will get new things to learn.

New Interface & UI

The people who have used the Google AdWords are familiar with the fact that the interface is quite outdated as it has not been changed over the years. So, making the experience of the users better, the reports will make managing the campaigns of the AdWords little bit easier. It will take some more time and effort to find the more tools too.

Store Visit and Conversions Tracking

It would be great if people will first search for you and then they will visit your store to make a purchase. Google is using the search history of the mobile devices to check if someone has clicked on your ad or not. Through this, there are lots of chances for businesses to grow with physical locations.

Changes in Device Bidding

The changes in the AdWords campaigns had released the new opportunities and extensions for bidding tools. The latest feature that will be made available to the business person is that they will be having the ability to bid separately on tablet devices. The reason behind doing this change is that the bidding done together in pair of desktop and tablet may sometimes cause a lot of pain to the people. Google has realized the pain and have pushed the ways to make the mobile web – a first world. The bidding on mobile, desktops, and tablets can be done separately.

Change in Ad Formats with No Sidebar

As we can see from a long period of time, we are not seeing the sidebar ads on the screen. Again to push the mobile world first, Google has rearranged the format of the ads on the search engine result pages. Now, the ads are placed on the top and bottom of the screen so that the people browsing through mobiles will be able to watch it without any difficulty. This change is offering the headlines bigger as before only 25 characters headline is allowed but now maximum two headlines of 30 characters can be made. The length of the description of the AdWords has also been changed. These changes were easy enough to make and is providing Google another great change.

All these changes mentioned above can be seen very soon. There will be no difficulty in managing your Google AdWords campaigns. So, stay cool and stay relaxed. The results will be positive and will help the businesses to grow at great heights.

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