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Indexifembedded – New Robots Tag Google Update That Gives Webpage More Indexing Control

Indexifembedded new robots tag gogole update 2022
Posted by Rahul Singh
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Yes, you heard it right Google is rolling out again with new update. This time Google is deciding to give more webpage indexing control for CONTENT.

Through iframes and similar HTML tags you can easily guide Google to index any particular content or sentences on the webpages if it is embedded that’s why it is called indexifembedded. This tag is overrides the noindex tags.

There was an issue to fix media publishers this tag is created by Google. So Google says:

“… while they may want their content indexed when it’s embedded on third-party pages, they don’t necessarily want their media pages indexed on their own.”

After that Google explain with an example like:

“For example, if has both the noindex and indexifembedded tag, it means Google can embed the content hosted on that page in during indexing.”

Indexifembedded – How to use Indexifembedded tag?

indexifembedded can be used by 2 ways.

When your webpage text is embedded on other pages then enable your text to index with indexifembedded tag and combine it with noindex tag like below.

Snap from:, January 2022.
Snap from:, January 2022.

Your indexifembedded tag will look like the above mentioned screenshot and currently Google is only supports the indexifembedded tag.

When you look for indexifembedded tag for your webpages?

If you have separte webpages for embaded content that define your purpose then you use the new robots tag “indexifembedded” and it’s not for every publishers.

For example: Visit here.

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