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Achieve great ranking of keywords on Google with these tricks - Digital Halt

Everyone now-a-days wants to achieve number 1 position on the search engine especially on Google and are working very hard for it. But if someone got stuck on the second page or third page of the search engine and can’t improve the ranking then one need to plan some strategies that will help you to improve the ranking of the keywords.

improve the ranking of the keywords

Here in the article below, some of the easy steps are provided that will help you to do so.


  • Interlinking of the keywords with that of the top ones


Most of the people doing business in this field don’t know the power of interlinking of keywords that are not on the top pages with that of the keywords that are ranked highest. Internal linking helps to pass the link juice. The person needs to find out the top performing pages of their website. They can find it using the tools like Ahrefs etc. Then, add the main keyword and link it to the targeted web-page.


  • Using Social Media


Social Media helps in ranking of the keywords at a faster rate. Through this your crawl rate will be increased. And will also send traffic on your website. Always remember to use the relevant keywords with the #hashtag. And the most commonly used social media platforms for the SEO purpose are Google+, Stumbleupon, Reddit, etc.


  • Optimize the targeted web-page


There are some basic things that are necessary to get optimized by the person. Have a look!


  •   Title: It is necessary that your keyword must be present in your title and always try to use it in the starting.
  •   Meta Description: It is somewhat similar with that of the title. It helps the user to understand the content of the page.
  •   Tags: Tags are one of the most important part that plays a vital role in ranking of the keyword. It is recommended to add your keyword in the H1 tag.
  •   Content Body: Always make sure that the content in the body consists of the main keyword and keyword variations for great results. Track the back-links of your competitor’s


If you want to outrank your competitor then you need to must keep an eye on the back-links that are made by them. One can do so using the ahrefs tools. Try to make the links of your web page on the same page as made by them. Some other back-link tools are also available; one can do this process using those other tools also.


  • Fetch your web page for indexing on Google


After doing the interlinking part and optimization of targeted web-page, one needs to fetch their web-page for the indexing of that article or content on Google. Basically, there are two methods of doing this and that are provided below.


  • First one is the Fetch from Google Search Console. This is the updated Google Webmaster tool. Through this your article will be crawled as soon as possible.
  • Second option is the add URL to Google. It is a good alternative method for fast indexing. Through this, your article will be indexed in minutes. And will give you great results.


The above provided steps will help you in ranking of your keywords in a short period of time. Try it for your webpage and for sure you will get great results.


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