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Steps To Promote A Blog On Facebook Easily

It’s time to wake for the people those who have the doubt that facebook has more users than the other social networking site like twitter, whatsapp, and instagram. People running a small business, the person who manages a brand, shoppers, leaders, influencers, etc. everyone is there on the internet. Facebook marketing is one of the best marketing done online on social media websites at present. So, it’s the best time to brace up and to promote a blog on facebook.


 Promote A Blog On Facebook Easily


Here below, step to step guide is provided that will help you in promoting a blog easily on facebook.


Step 1: Create a Facebook page that is very much attractive and is mind-blowing.


Your facebook page will reflect your dream of how you want to see your blog in the coming days. So, the steps below will help you in creating a facebook page in a simple way.


  • Visit the link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  • By clicking on this link 6 categories will be displayed in front of you, choose the one among them.
  • Within a category, one needs to choose a niche. Your niche can be related to your brand or product.
  • Enter a name for your page and click on the Get Started option.
  • Fill a crisp description in the Add a Short Description section available.
  • Then, create an attractive user name for your page.
  • Upload the profile photo and a cover photo relevant to your niche.
  • At the end of this, your profile is complete and your pretty facebook page is ready to use.


Step 2: Methods to promote your blogs via facebook.


  • Promote your page on your blog
    Try to write an awesome blog posts and impress your organic traffic through it. After that add a social share plugin to your website. Get the code generated and copy that code at the position where you want it to appear on your website page.


  • Try to use all kind of facebook updates
    There are 4 kinds of status updates available and that are text update, link update, photo update, video update. This will provide you great options to post content at different times while promoting your blog content.


  • Invite all your friends online
    It is great to invite all your friends to like your page. When you will send the invite to them, their friends will receive a direct message of your invitation. One can easily edit that message to make it more attractive.


  • Advantage of facebook ads to promote your posts
    When all the things goes well via facebook marketing then spend some more time on facebook ads to promote your blog posts. On your facebook page, click on the create ads option to create a ad related to your website. Create a ad that is attractive and the niche should be interesting so that more users will take interest in visiting the ads created by you.


  • Advantage of facebook groups
    This will serve you with great results. If one is having the knowledge to use them to the great extent then it will serve you with the best advantage.


  • Share the Blog on your personal wall
    Sharing your business blog post on your personal facebook wall will help you in two ways and that are:
    – It will be the another share of your blog post, through this it will become more popular in a single      day.
    – The followers of your personal profile will for sure visit the blog post and will see what it is all about.


  • Promote the page while communicating with others
    When you are having the communication with others, try to promote your page. This will serve you with great results. One can add the link of their facebook page in their email signature, forums, etc. Through this, one will click on your link and will focus on what’s inside it.


  • Create a facebook event timely
    Creating a facebook event time to time is a great idea to promote your special blog post. Through this, one will be able to get the revisit of the readers online. If a person get personal invitation of your event then he or she regularly checks the updates related to your event. This is the reason, one get repeat visits of the users available online and this will result in the increase of traffic on your blog post.


Facebook is the most important social media platform for everyone who want to promote something online. So, if you are working hard to promote your blog post online but you are not getting much success. Then try out these simple steps provided above, it will serve you with guaranteed results. Work hard now and enjoy the fruitful results later.



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