The New Addition in the world of Google Ads

Posted by Raquel
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Using Google Ads is common today as many people are aware and are also making money. Now they have introduced Recommended columns. This new feature suggests some brand new reporting columns that people can use based on their campaign. You can see the new additions from the account settings. For instance, if users start working on bid automation, the columns will start recommending google ads Bid Strategy Type under your scheduled campaign table. In that case, the Bid Strategy Type will also not flash in your campaign reports and you can save up from space to get a clear idea of statistics.

How to use Recommended Columns?

On the first place, open your Google Adsense setting. The column name that has a blue underline mark is the recommended column bar. Let us tell you what you can do with your recommended column bars.

  • Google will recommend the column whenever it is necessary and relevant to your page or campaign.
  • You can also add them as your permanent columns.
  • Tell Google not to recommend them further if things are not appropriate with your requirements.

As a matter of fact, these recommendations are switched on by the existing advertisers by default. What you can do is turn them off if you want to customise it. In that place, you can keep individual columns as per your preference. Remember that these settings are specific for each individual in the account.

As a suggestion, Google asks the users to keep the settings on so that when we recommend columns you can access it easily. Moreover, users can further explore new columns which did not surface earlier with the old format. In fact, turning on your settings will give you an insight into what are the kind of recommendations Google suggests.

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